What is personal branding and why it’s worth investing In it?

An important part of our services is creating your image on the internet. Even now we provide assistance to few people in running their channels on social media. Today no business can prosper well without such actions. However, equally important as building company image is creating a personal brand of people involved in it. Perhaps it’s even more important because behind every project there are hidden specific people.

Personal branding is now a very dynamic part of online marketing, but many people still wonder whether they need it. If you are also struggling with this question, this article is definitely for you. We’ll try to give you a brief explanation what personal brand is and why it’s worth investing in it.

Before we come to that, let us share one obvious thing with you. Each of us is a personal brand. That’s right! Just create your profile on Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform. When you start publishing something – anything at all – you start building your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are followed by five or five thousand people. Your activity online can help you to get a new job or not. Surprised? Mind that – recruiters check candidates profiles. It can also convince someone to cooperate – or sometimes not – with your company.

Regardless of how you operate on the web, it’s crucial to do it with awareness.

Strong personal brand not only can help you in getting a dream job. If you work as a freelancer, it can become a great asset while negotiating with potential clients. Personal brand creates your image as an expert, it presents your knowledge, skills and personality.

Do you know the key principle of marketing? It states that: jack of all trades is a master of none. That’s exactly the worst kind of personal brand – featureless, unable to make any decisions, a hotchpotch. At the same time such brand is for everyone and for nobody. It reminds a bit a covering letter where a candidate declares that he or she can do any job. Such people don’t exist.

That’s why it’s good to focus on one issue or few selected ones. It’s worth doing it as if your life and career depend on it. It’s better to be a great headhunter or insurance agent and keep telling about it on your profile, than a lame commentator of a political life or a home-grown football specialist like many people in our country.

It requires answering one fundamental question: what am I really good at? Once you answer this question – or tell us, if you decide to entrust your brand to our experts – you must place those features forward and eliminate everything that jams them.

It all comes down to a matter of cohesion. This means that your brand should communicate the same message in every single place where people find you. Try to do a simple test – type your name to Google and check what pops out on the first page. If things unrelated to you show up, think a while about key words which can be related with your brand.

In relation to personal brand you probably heard of terms such as “story” or “storytelling”. They are also an important part of building your image online. An expert is not just someone who knows the niche, but he is also great in telling about it – with passion.

That’s why it is good to look for original and unusual solutions. You always should remember that every taken strategy should be coherent with your personality, taste and temper. Now, as you are reading this, it may seem extremely complicated, but in fact it’s very simple.

We as a company also build our brand for the whole time. That’s why we’re writing this text. We practice on ourselves everything what has been told so far. Just like you we are fully aware that creation of a strong brand opens the door to success.

Before it can happen, those you want to reach to, need to hear about you. if you don’t feel confident enough in building your personal brand on your own, this is when our role starts.